Single Coil White

Apex 60's

The Apex 60's S Type pickups offer a range of classic styled tones, ranging from creamy neck jazz tones to sizzling hot vintage blues tones and everything in between.

These pickups are expertly balanced and offer a wide array of diverse tones and endless response harmonically and dynamically.

The pickups are perfected to the point of consistency across the 5 way selector switch without having too much high end rendering it thin or too much low end rendering it muddy, they have optimum clarity for that original classic tone.

Magent Type

Alnico 5

Approximate Resistance

  • Bridge 6K
  • Middle 5.7K
  • Neck 5.7K

for the set £129
Set or Single

Sound clips

Apex 60's Bridge - Clean / Overdriven / Distortion
Apex 60's Bridge & Middle - Clean / Overdriven / Distortion
Apex 60's Middle - Clean / Overdriven / Distortion
Apex 60's Middle & Neck - Clean / Overdriven / Distortion
Apex 60's Neck - Clean / Overdriven / Distortion

Video clips

Apex 60's Video Demo

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