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Cheaper by the dozen is back!

Cheaper By The 1/2 Dozen will be on the 30th August

Cheaper By The Dozen is an event unique to Apex Music in which we hold a 12 hour long event where each band has an hour to have one track recorded and filmed from multiple angles then professionally mixed, mastered & edited for £99.

We also offer bands the possibility of extra tracks or the addition of photos during their session.

Here at Apex we are always looking towards easier ways for our customers to book in with us. To the right of this text you can easily choose the package you wish to book with us and which time slot suits you best, this will then all be handled with a secure PayPal checkout like all our products. (Please provide your email address when checking out so we can contact you)

Check out the video below to see the level of production that you can expect when you book in with us at our Cheaper By The Dozen event for the small price of £99.

Some bands & artists that have participated in this event are Tiny Lions, Psyphony, MASK, Eilis Mulholland, Dyad, Blackout Season, Chasin Hooley, Jarlath Cowan, The Antidepressants, LockDown, Michael Purvis, Mad For The Road, Inflatable Dolls, King Sized Jacks & Absolute Pantomime.

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