Apex Studio

Fully loaded recording studio, rehearsal facilities with video and photography packages available.

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apex recording studio

County Tyrone based recording studio that facilitates for all genres. Fitted with 2 live rooms, control room and vocal booth with window between control room and main live room for communication between engineer and artists during takes. Home to multiple instruments, guitar and bass amplifiers, pre-amps, drum kits, analogue desk, digital desk and much more equipment to help create your desired sound. With 10+ years experience in the industry we offer audio recording, mixing, mastering, live session recording, voice recording and more.

audio recording & production

If you wish to work with us to produce a single, E.P or Album we are more than happy to work on a plan with you, if you have any questions about how we work or need any advise on how to proceed please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We also offer production services so if you have an idea, riff or concept in your head we can help you build that idea into a fully recorded & produced track that you will be proud to call your own

For booking, gear lists and pricing please Contact Us today!


As well as recording we also offer stand alone mixing so if you have recorded your own songs at home or worked in another studio we are more than happy to mix your track using our industry standard plug ins (Waves, Slate and etc) and can also offer re-amping of D.I signals and analogue processing. All of this can be offered without you even leaving your house.

If you have any questions about this process or wish to enquire about pricing Contact Us now.


Here at Apex what we want most in the world is to bring your dreams to life so if you have an idea for a single, and E.P or an album and want to work with us we are here to help you plan the entire project out from start to finish. This could be taking your idea from a phone recording all the way to a professionally released single with album art and your own Electronic Press Kit with photos, music videos and everything else a professional artist needs. We also know that dreams can be expensive for some people to afford so if you come to us we can cater a package just for your needs as well as work on a competitive payment plan that can work for you! Don't keep putting back your music career and Contact Us today.


To view any deals or offers we have on at the moment visit our Facebook page here.


(Opening hours and time slots are subject to availability)

Free parking available at all times of the day.

Terms & Conditions Apply

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rehearsal facilities

Rehearsal room available to book at £10 per hour or at a discounted rate when block booked (block booking for recurring slots is available subject to availability, just ask!)

Available to book anytime between 9am-9pm 7 days a week. All you need to do is book your slot, grab your access code for the lock and you're good to go!

Enquire about a booking now. Click Here to book.

gear list

  • Tama Swingstar Kit
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • 2 Cymbal Stands
  • Drum Stool
  • Kick Pedal
  • The Box Pro 15" 400w Monitor x3
  • Mic Stands x3
  • Various Guitar & Bass amplifiers (Contact for more info)
  • Vox 2x12
  • Marshall 4x12

Storage space for regular bookings can be arranged on request.

CCTV in operation.

Free parking available at all times of the day.

video & photography

From live performance videos to full blown music videos, we can handle it all, no matter what your budget we have a range of packages to suit all needs and budgets.

All prices below are based on an onsite shoot but we can do location shoots also! Contact Us to avail of any of the below services or with any questions/queries.

To view more of our videos, click here.

Music Video Package 1

1 Hour Music Video Shoot


Music Video Package 2

4 Hour Music Video Shoot


Music Video Package 3

8 Hour Music Video Shoot


Music Video Package 4

8 Hour Music Video Shoot Including Concept & Script


Live Video Package 1

2 Hour Performance Multi Camera Shoot and Audio Recording (1-3 piece groups only due to time constraints)


Live Video Package 2

4 Hour Live Performance Multi Camera Shoot and Audio Recording


Live Video Package 3

8 Hour Live Session Shoot & Audio Recording