About Apex

Apex Music began as a simple thought from its owner Oran McGuckin who wanted to turn his passion for guitar maintenance into a business. This was originally going to be known as "McGuckin Guitar Repairs" until the idea of creating electric guitar pickups was spurred and the name "Apex" first came to light. While spending time on this idea and in Southern Regional College, Oran grew the project with help from the staff of the college so that upon completing the course the plans were ready to put into motion.

Beginning with the instrument repairs and the pickup design Oran ventured of into the music industry. Within a short period of time Oran realized that the skills he had learnt in college were not being put to use so he quickly set out to do more than just working with instruments. Plans were then made to form a partnership to open a recording studio to facilitate local bands who needed somewhere to record and rehearse at a fair rate.

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about images

This venture continued at a moderate rate along side the instrument repairs and pickups until the partnership was disbanded and Oran took over the studio which then became known as "Apex Studios". After taking on the talented Daniel Rooney for work experience through another college the "Apex Team" started to take shape in Oran's head, Daniel was soon taken on board as the main photography, videography & digital media manager of Apex which then began the start of the business as it is today.

As time went on the team grew bigger with William Martin starting as an apprentice in the workshop, Graham McKinstry taking over our social media and market management and Phoebe Elizabeth Chaplin - Shannon & Jessica McGuigan becoming our camera assistants.

This is only the beginning for Apex, covering Instrument Repairs, Pickup Manufacturing, Rehearsal Facility Rental, Industry Standard Recording Facilities and Music Photography & Videograhy we have only begun in our dream to be the one stop shop for all musicians and artists needs in Northern Ireland.

The Apex Team

<p>ORAN MCGUCKIN</p> photo


Creator of Apex, Instrument Maintenance Guru & Studio/Live Sound Technician



Social Media Wiz, Marketing & Studio Manager

<p>Phoebe Elizabeth Chaplin - Shannon</p> photo

Phoebe Elizabeth Chaplin - Shannon

Media Assistant

<p>Jessica McGuigan</p> photo

Jessica McGuigan

Media Assistant